Proofreading is performed by a second specialised translator, who double-checks that linguistic and terminological accuracy is respected.



By means of the interpreting service, the message rendered orally by the speaker will be conveyed as faithfully as possible to an audience speaking another language. We can support you with both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, remotely via audio/video conference or on-site, anywhere in the EMEA area.

Prelucrare grafica

Graphical processing

With the help of our experts and of the cuttingedge technology, we optimise the time and costs of our customers by transferring the layout of the original document into the translated document as well.

Legalizare si Autorizare

Authorisation / Certification

All our translators are authorised by official institutions, so we can offer upon request both sworn translations and certified translations.



Transcription consists in transforming oral speech into a written document. We remain at your disposal for further details on this service.