Technical translations

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Automotive translations

We cooperate with important local and global players in the automotive field, a field in which not only terminology is important, but also the quickness in delivering the projects.

The expertise of our translators and proofreaders allows us to cover a wide diversity of sub-fields from the Automotive industry, from the documentation for electronic components, such as sensors and PCBs, to technical specifications for Infotainment, Passive and Active safety and Autonomous Driving.

IT and software translations

We have assigned translators and proofreaders with a background in IT companies to this field, as in this globally growing field, specific terminology cannot be learned otherwise

Traduceri IT si Software
Closeup of generic CNC drill equipment. 3D illustration.
Closeup of generic CNC drill equipment. 3D illustration.
Robotics and automation translations

When translating documentation, user manuals and safety instructions, accuracy and terminology play a key role, as any error can have a direct impact on the entire production process. For this reason, for this type of translations, we closely cooperate with our customers to create glossaries of preferred terms to be used throughout the entire cooperation.

Constructions translations

Our specialised translators and proof-readers have a background in Civil, Industrial and Geodetic constructions. We are also able to translate documentation directly into industry specific document formats.

Traduceri Constructii

The most requested types of documents:

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