6 Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

6 Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

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  1. Keep it short and precise

The smaller the volume of an actual content you have, the less you will have to pay so keep only what is actually relevant and meaningful.

  1. Easy to edit

 Keep your editable source files ready, such as InDesign files/sources of your PDF files/Excel files.

They are much easier to edit, so you can avoid paying for DTP services.

  1. Reuse your existing content

Find opportunities to reuse your existing content. Such examples can be frequently found in technical or legal contents where warning notes or confidentiality clauses usually can remain unchanged from one document to the other.

4. Translation memory usage

Request your translation provider to create a translation memory, so that everything that was already translated in the past can be reused.

This is a significant cost-saver both in the short-term (starts working within your first project) and especially in the long-term. Not only TM saves your money, but as well improves overall quality and consistency of translated content.

  1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead and set realistic deadlines. By giving a translation provider enough time to work on your content, not only you save money by not paying for rush fees, but also remove any potential mistakes which occur during a rush thus improving the quality.

  1. Work with a translation agency

It may not seem that way, but translation is a complex task.

By using a translation agency you get not only a translation, you get translation and proofreading + another pair of eyes if needed, as well as technical checks using specialized software. Plus, you will have a dedicated Project Manager acting as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all your translation needs – most of this is impossible if a company translates internally or using a freelance translator.

You also get translation memory support and a decrease in costs, especially in the long term, plus a translation agency has the linguistic resources to cover large volumes of content quickly, as they can use several translators with industry specific knowledge if needed.

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