The difference between Computer Assisted Translation and Machine Translation

The difference between Computer Assisted Translation and Machine Translation

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CAT or Computer Assisted Translation and Machine Translation are two often confused #translation approaches.

In the case of CAT, a professional translator is using different translation tools and apps in order to speed up the translation process, making use of your already translated texts. Machine Translation means that the translation is fully performed by a machine.

About Computer Assisted Translation

 Computer Assisted Translation tools usually rely on translation memory to provide translators with translation suggestions from your already translated texts and corrections using QA checks on spelling, numbers, punctuation, space and agreed terminology. Essentially, #CAT tools help a #translator to work faster, with more precision and in line with previous translations. This is especially helpful for niche translators, who focus their translation skills on specialized areas or industries (#medicine, #agriculture, #legal).

It is important to know that the quality of translation even with the use of CAT tools, depends greatly on the human translator.

About Machine Translation

 Machine Translation is a translation process in which a machine provides instantaneous translation of a text. No human translators are involved in the translation process.

There are many free Machine Translation engines, such as Google Translate, Amazon Translate, and DeepL. The major issue with most MT engines is the uncertain level of translation accuracy.

At Penini Translations, our native specialized translators use the latest CAT tool technologies allowing us to reduce your translation costs, time of delivery while assuring #quality and #consistency throughout all your translation projects.

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