What is audio transcription?

What is audio transcription?

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Audio transcription creates a text transcript of the dialogue in audio and video content. As people engage with more video and audio content (e.g. Facebook Reels/YouTube Shorts) in the digital age, audio transcription plays an increasingly important role in content marketing strategies.

What are the advantages of audio transcription?

Accessibility: Providing transcriptions for your video and audio content makes them more accessible to audiences with hearing difficulties and who are not native speakers of the language(s) used in the audio.

Comprehension: People are generally able to digest and retain information more effectively in text format.

SEO: Text transcripts make your video and audio content easier for search engines to index and rank.

Social posts: You can use snippets from your transcript to create social posts.

Sound-sensitive environments: People can read your content instead of listening/watching in settings where it is not suitable to play audio or surrounding noise will drown it out.

Translation: Transcription makes it easier to translate video and audio content into other languages.

By providing transcripts with your video and audio content, you make it accessible to the vast majority of your target audience – whatever scenario they find themselves in.

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