6 tips on translating your marketing material

6 tips on translating your marketing material

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When reaching global markets, communication is vital.

Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when translating your marketing material.

If you are working with an external translation agency, you might want to consider sharing this information with them.


  1. Native translator

For all marketing material it is highly recommended that the translation process is carried out by a translator that is a native in the target language. All steps bellow depend on this, as only a native translator will be able to absorb the information, combine it with local market knowledge and transform your text in such a way that the target audience will not realize they are reading a translation.


  1. Description of product or service

Besides the text itself, provide an explanation of your idea and what is it that you want to convey through this description. Mention what is most important. What are the key elements.

Brand guidelines can help here also.


  1. Target audience

As part of the adaptation of the translation, the target audience age, gender, education level is just as important as the demographic details.

Define your potential customer`s profile as clear as possible.


  1. Cultural differences

This is where the translator can play a significant additional role. As a native, the translator can point out any adaptation needs required to avoid any potential cultural misunderstandings.


  1. Local SEO (optional step)

If you have already performed a SEO study on the target language, share this with the translator so that relevant keywords for foreign search engine visibility may be integrated in the adapted translation.


  1. Local review

This step should be performed ideally by an employee based in the target location. With knowledge of the company and of the target location, this person can decide if the translated text sends out the intended message of the original one. In case you do not have this option, the second possibility is that the translation agency assigns a reviewer. This would also be a native translator that does a double check on what has been translated taking again into account what has been communicated by the customer as intended message and of course local adaptation needs.


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