The importance of Legal Translations when going from Local to Global

The importance of Legal Translations when going from Local to Global

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Any business that intends to explore the global market will require legal translations at certain points. Whether for selling products/services to international customers, sourcing products or closing international partnerships, you are going to deal with contracts for a variety of purposes. Translation errors can invalidate contracts and compromise both the liability of partners within agreements and, potentially, the legal protection of one or multiple parties. As such, legal translations require 100% accuracy.

Regardless of how often you need this service, there are a few things you need to consider when translating contractual documents.

The language in original contracts must be as clear and precise as possible to reduce as much as possible the risk of ambiguity. Building on this, relevant translations also require 100% precision, so that the intended meaning is always delivered in every language version, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Make sure the person translating your document is not only a certified translator, but has a proven track record of translating legal documentation. Legal translations require industry specific knowledge, a clear understanding of the specific terminology.

Have another pair of eyes ready. Precision is important in any contract, and ambiguity, can leave the terms vulnerable to interpretation and even weaken its legal protections. When having your legal documentation translated, ask your translation provider to add editing service to your project. A second linguist, also specialized in legal translations will reassess the full body of the translation so that any ambiguity or vulnerable term can be identified. The findings can be fixed on the spot if they are only present in the translation or in case these are also present in the source document the issue can be addressed with the customer.

Having a translation memory and terminology management tool can

help achieve 100% accuracy as quickly as possible and guarantee consistency across every project. This allows a team of multiple translators to deliver fast results in the exact same style with consistent translations across every contract. It also significantly reduces time of delivery thus reducing your product time to market

Consistency is important when translation is often open to interpretation, meaning multiple translators could translate certain sentences differently. Even the same translator could translate the same sentence differently on separate occasions, especially on long-term projects.

Translation technology removes unwanted variations, no matter how long your project runs, how many language experts are involved, or how many personnel changes you might need to make over the years.

Make sure your translation provider can create and keep your translation memory and terminology database updated.


The most common contractually binding documents we have translated for our customers are:

Non-disclosure agreements

Partnership contracts

Sales agreements

Service level agreements

License agreements

Purchase orders

Employment contracts

Property or equipment lease

Commercial lease agreements


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