Do you recycle your translations?

Do you recycle your translations?

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While it might seem peculiar, not only is recycling your #translations possible, but this brings on several benefits to your company such as:

  • significantly reducing costs
  • assuring consistent #terminology throughout all your translations
  • increasing speed of delivery
  • improving time to market for your products or services.

The benefits of recycling can be quickly observed especially in legal translations of contracts, NDA agreements and in technical translations for any industry from agriculture to medical, automotive, energy, construction, robotics and sensors.

Recycling is made possible with the use or translation memory software which is not to be confused with automated translation. Translation memory software allows Language Service Providers such as ourselves to store all of your already translated projects as segments in a translation memory.

When a new project is received, the translation memory software can provide a report on the number of segments that have been already translated within past translation projects and will automatically insert those segments in the new translation project.

You will never have to pay more than once for the same content.

Let`s get in touch and start recycling!


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