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Penini Transcription Services

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On March 15th, 2021, while celebrating 6 years of Penini Translations, we announced our customers on the opening of our new department dedicated to transcription services.

Since then, even we were amazed at how many businesses depend on transcription, some of them for quite essential operations. As such, it is clear that when you need to convert audio or video content into text for your business, you need to do it accurately.

Here are some of the industries in which we have had the opportunity to offer our transcription services:


– our customers from the medical industry were the first to request transcription services

The most requested transcriptions were for audio patient statements and videos on new medical procedures.


– interviews from court cases, recordings from audio to text


– transcripts for videos, interviews, podcasts and online courses


– product testing, customer feedback, audience research interviews


Transcription and Translation

hand in hand

In some of the business, we were asked to provide also the translation of the transcription, so that it could be:

– used by medical staff in foreign countries for treatment continuance for a patient or new process implementation for all patients

– passed on to other branches of the business in other countries for marketing, sales, NPI or internal processes

– used as international journalism material

– used in foreign court houses accompanying original statements


Our teams of transcribers and translators can work closely together to capture every detail and to reproduce the message accordingly in the translated language.


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